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Desert Paradise

Nestled at the base of the Shadow Hills in the heart of the Coachella Valley, Shadow Lake Estates beckons residents with the promise of the finest in luxury living. Whether it's Sunday brunch on the patio over looking the lake followed by an afternoon of waterskiing with the kids or watching the sun set over the water, this enclave of peace and tranquility offers the perfect opportunity to embrace the casual, active lifestyle. Read more...

Local News
Important notice on ShadowLake fishing guidelines: please only fish for common carp and throw the grass carp back.  The grass carp are important to the ecosystem of ShadowLake.  Grass carp are smaller, silver in color and have a two-pronged tail.  Comon Carp are larger, greenish silver in color, and have a brush-like tail.  For pictures and instructions on how to differentiate the two, please refer to either the slideshow or the Water Life section of the ShadowLake forum.  Go to the Forums to view recent ShadowLake minutes, ARC Guidelines, and updated Shadow Lake Rules and Regulations.
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